Coke To Use Real Sugar Again?


Coca-Cola has changed dramatically as a company through the years, and so have their ingredients. Somewhere along the line they stupidly removed delicious pure cocaine from their formula. . . in addition to real sugar. But it looks like all that may change soon.

Ever since 1985, real pure cane sugar has been much more expensive than its viscous cousin, corn syrup. And that’s how corn syrup became the essential sweetener in the world’s favorite carbonated beverage.

However, because many Eastern European Jews avoid eating corn products in addition to all leavened bread edibles (a conservative interpretation of the Passover law that takes ‘corn bread’ into account), a Kosher for Passover Coke is released each April which contains the real deal sugar rather than the corn syrup version (distinguished with a yellow bottle cap). But these Passover Cokes are only produced in small quantities for a limited time each year.

Supposedly, the Mexican version of Coke also contains the real deal pure sugar, but who wants to go all the way to Mexico everyday for a decent Coke?

Fear not, friends. Thanks to the U.S. government’s ethanol mandates, corn is becoming too expensive to syrupize and put in Coke. Pretty soon we’ll be back to the sweet delicious, teeth rotting goodness of honest sugar.

Brands like Boylan’s sodas make a name for themselves by selling their old-fashioned style coke as corn syrup free. So now it looks like the main brands may soon be cramping their style in the sugar soda market.

And if this gamble to save money while corn is expensive doesn’t go as planned, well… it wouldn’t be the first time Coke made a huge mistake. Maybe they’ll be going back to the cocaine ingredients if sugar gets too expensive too?

Cafe Hayek: Passover, Coke, and Ethanol, July 8, 2008 via DealBreaker

By A.J. Green