Screw The Vacation, Get The TV


High gas prices have caused many vacation brands and car companies to rethink their marketing campaigns, but one HDTV brand is capitalizing on the high gas prices. They say, why go on an expensive road trip when you can chill at home with a new HDTV? Yeah, dude!

Jim Goldman’s Tech Check blog for CNBC claims that Westinghouse Digital is unveiling a new ad campaign that will make you rethink the family vacation road trip in favor of a brand new boob tube.

According to Jim (HA!), they have a very persuasive argument here:

Driving from Washington, DC to Disneyworld in Florida totals about 1,645 miles. Figuring 20 miles a gallon at an average cost of $4, that works out to $329, which Westinghouse points out, is the cost of its brand new, 16″ Flip HDTV, offering the “HDTV experience almost anywhere, even mounted on a wall…” etc., etc.

How about New England to New Orleans? From the Pats to the Saints? That’s a 2,758 mile trip costing around $600. Try on a 26-inch LCD with 780p resolution for size and tell me what’s the better big spend. (click on article title for more in full post)

But what about the long haul from New York to LA? Would anyone ever want to do that as a family roadtrip? Probably not because it’s over 3,745 miles round trip and worth $1,200 in today’s ridiculous gas prices. You could be the proud owner of a 42″ 1080p resolution Westinghouse LCD for that money. And you probably wouldn’t have to listen to your family play the license plate game and smell day-old puke in a compact location for 4 days straight.

I have to say, this is brilliant marketing. It really puts things in perspective. Think about it, that ‘vacation’ sounds like a lot of headache. A headache that could easily be soothed with a crystal clear brand new high def box of beauty. You’ll never really ‘understand’ Lost until you see Evangeline Lilly in HD. It’s true.

CNBC: Westinghouse: Don’t Drive Across Country, Buy Our New TV!, July 10, 2008

By A.J. Green