InBev Tries To Remove Anheuser-Busch Board


The Anheuser-Busch sale has taken another turn towards done. No matter how hard the Missourians campaign to keep their brand, it’s still not looking good as InBev is planning to remove and replace A-B’s entire board.

A quick refresher to bring you up to speed on this epic battle: InBev, a huge Belgian beer company and the makers of Stella Artois and Beck’s, offered A-B, the makers of Budweiser, a very generous buyout offer worth 35% more than the stock is currently valued at. People say the Bud brand is stupid not to take the deal, but many American politicians are becoming actively involved to save this prestigious ‘American Brand‘.

So what’s the big news today? InBev is responding with increasingly hostile plans to forcibly takeover. They filed Step 1 today with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is called a ‘preliminary consent solicitation statement.’

A-B will now have 10 days to respond and if a majority of the company’s shareholders agree, the All-American board will be replaced by a bunch of Eurotrashy international brewers. I have no evidence as to their Eurotrashiness, but if they show up wearing those mullet/faux-hawks and capri pants, we’ll know I’m right.

With the board replaced, the takeover will pretty much be a done deal, a merged InBev and A-B will easily become the largest brewer in the world.

A New York Times article about the deal gives some insight about these new ‘replacements’:

InBev said its proposed board was made up of “experienced, distinguished business executives, including a number of former chief executive officers of leading U.S. public companies,” and that they were “committed to acting in the best interests of Anheuser-Busch shareholders.”

It includes Adolphus Busch IV, a Busch family member who has encouraged Anheuser-Busch to negotiate with InBev.

Adolphus Busch IV is supporting the takeover?! More like Brutus Busch IV! Seriously, can you really trust anyone with a name that is such a clear derivative of Adolf?

As I’ve said before, despite all of A-B’s kicking and screaming — this deal will get done. The only holdout may be the questionable funding for the deal coming from InBev. The buyout money consists of $40 billion in debt. And we all know how the debt/sub-prime loan/credit crisis situation is nowadays – never a safe bet.

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By A.J. Green